Feb 05, 2020

Importance of Kindness in Business

What do you need to know about becoming a leader of a sustainable business?

 Jun 27, 2017

Kindness at camp

The young artists share their thoughts on Kindness

 Jun 14, 2017

Spread the Kindness visits a new work-place

Creating a kindness plan for work at Pawsitively Pets

 Feb 16, 2017

We all deserve a caring environment

3 Tips for a Kinder Workplace

 Feb 13, 2017

Talking Why Kindness Matters in the workplace

Live Facebook Interview with Sandra Centorino

 Feb 07, 2017

Meet the latest Kindness Ambassador

She knows how to #spreadthekindess internationally: Hello Grace Murdock

 Jan 25, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Be More Kind during Kindness Week!

Acts of Kindness during RAK Week

 Feb 12, 2016

Ways to get involved for #RAKWeek2016

Is your business or school involved?

 Feb 05, 2016

Meet the latest Kindness Ambassador

She knows how to Spread the Kindness

 Jan 13, 2016

5 Tips to Spread Kindness in the workplace

Guest Post in Creative Sol Vibrations

 Nov 13, 2015

Why A Day Devoted to Kindness?

A visit with Ripple Kindness Founder, Lisa Currie

 Nov 05, 2015

Meet a Kindness Ambassador

Why this lawyer believes in #spreadthekindness for the office

 Jun 11, 2015

Interviewed on #spreadthekindness

Louisa Jewell chats with me about the impact of kindness on corporations and schools.

 Apr 29, 2015

A small act of kindness

One man's story about his action to #spreadthekindness to a fellow traveller on life's highway.

 Apr 23, 2015

He knows how to #spreadthekindness

Thanks to Ashtanga yoga's Jonny Belnko, one of the participants in Random Acts of Kindness Week was the recipient of a free class.

 Apr 15, 2015

5 tips to help bring kindness into your workplace

Some helpful ideas to create a warmer, more inclusive environment at work.

 Apr 01, 2015

Kindness in Schools

A recent school visit made me feel grateful to hear how kids love to be kind and help others when they share this in their month to #spreadthekindness

 Mar 04, 2015

Toronto Kindness Week

Modya Silver founded Toronto Kindness Week and creates a platform for students and individuals to get involved in this official Toronto week

 Feb 10, 2015

Global News: Law firm buys strangers lunch to celebrate random acts of kindness week

TORONTO – Lawyers at the Gasee Cohen & Youngman law firm in Toronto bought eight Torontonians lunch as part of International Random Acts of Kindness week.

 Feb 09, 2015

Global News Tonight

Global TV features #spreadthekindness for #RAKWeek2015

 Feb 09, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness Week #spreadthekindness

Beginning February the 9th and running to February 15th, Random Acts of Kindness Week helps to spread todays relevant and timely message to schools dealing with nasty behavior on-line and in the schoolyards, and, now, corporations are jumping on the goodwill bandwagon.

 Jan 31, 2015

Why Kind Acts have their own reward

A young man teaches others that giving away and expecting nothing in return, has its own rewards #spreadthekindness

 Jan 20, 2015

Live visit for #RAKweek

Why this international week of Kindness is so important for people today #RAKweek #spreadthekindness

 Jan 17, 2015

Ripple Effect of Kindness

How an act of kindness impacted one young boy and he, in turn, impacted another family

 Nov 26, 2014

Global TV features Kindness Workshops

Global TV features Kindness Workshops

 Nov 26, 2014

Kindess Coaches join Oakville Community Foundation for Oakville RAK Day

Kindess Coaches join Oakville Community Foundation for Oakville RAK Day

 Nov 26, 2014

On Global TV: Kindness Week

Steffi Black is a Kindness Advocate who does "spread the kindness" workshops for schools.

 Nov 21, 2014

Joining the Kindness Challenge

Hosting my first live twitter feed

 Feb 16, 2013

Kindness comes to Holy Family

Kindness comes to Holy Family