Jan 20, 2020

An antidote to Blue Monday

How an act of kindness benefits you.

 Jun 18, 2019

Podcast with Steffi Black

Sharing my unconventional views on introverts, kindness and ho'oponopono

 Dec 01, 2017

Board double whammy appointments strengthen BILS process

BILS board chairman Vinay Mathur is pleased to announce two further strategic appointments to support BILS future plans

 Nov 08, 2017

Why Kindness Is Needed In Our Schools And Workplaces

Most environments can benefit from leadership that cares and empowers others to do so as well.

 Jun 06, 2017

Featured in an article on meditation

Kristen Fischer writes on women who make the time for mindfulness for SheKnows

 Mar 06, 2017

Mentoring Matters

Why do you think kindness is important in business today, and what can leaders do to encourage more of it?

 Feb 19, 2017

Boosting Engagement Through Kindness

The important of care in the workplace

 Feb 13, 2017

Talking Why Kindness Matters in the workplace

Live Facebook Interview with Sandra Centorino

 Dec 08, 2016

Kindness Queen

About Steffi Black the 'Kindness Queen' Article written by Anne Langford

 Nov 11, 2015

Spreading Kindness Podcast

Steffi Black joins Rob Kall on the Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast. Listen and download the new podcast episode featuring Steffi Black.

 Oct 19, 2015

Launch of chapter on kindness

My new book, Ready, Aim, Thrive is out today.

 Jun 11, 2015

Interviewed on #spreadthekindness

Louisa Jewell chats with me about the impact of kindness on corporations and schools.

 Apr 01, 2015

Kindness in Schools

A recent school visit made me feel grateful to hear how kids love to be kind and help others when they share this in their month to #spreadthekindness

 Feb 24, 2015

Leadership and Core Values

Core Values and Kindness: Two traits that dynamic leaders like Michelle Flynn feel are important in running a company and helping it grow strategically.

 Feb 09, 2015

Global News Tonight

Global TV features #spreadthekindness for #RAKWeek2015

 Feb 09, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness Week #spreadthekindness

Beginning February the 9th and running to February 15th, Random Acts of Kindness Week helps to spread todays relevant and timely message to schools dealing with nasty behavior on-line and in the schoolyards, and, now, corporations are jumping on the goodwill bandwagon.

 Feb 05, 2015

Steffi Black with BARB DiGIULIO on Night Side

Random Acts of Kindness Week February 9- 15th to encourage schools and corporations to commit to 3 kind acts this week.

 Jan 20, 2015

Live visit for #RAKweek

Why this international week of Kindness is so important for people today #RAKweek #spreadthekindness

 Nov 26, 2014

Global TV features Kindness Workshops

Global TV features Kindness Workshops

 Nov 26, 2014

Kindess Coaches join Oakville Community Foundation for Oakville RAK Day

Kindess Coaches join Oakville Community Foundation for Oakville RAK Day

 Nov 26, 2014

Making A Difference featuring Kindness Coaches

Steffi Black is the founder of "Connection Corner" a virtual networking group for women. She was invited to the inBusiness show for her perspectives on women's networking.

 Nov 26, 2014

On Global TV: Kindness Week

Steffi Black is a Kindness Advocate who does "spread the kindness" workshops for schools.

 Jun 03, 2014

Backstage at Rogers TV In Business Show

Backstage at Rogers TV In Business Show for interview on different ways men and women network with Game On Leadership's Ryan Coelho.

 Feb 16, 2013

Kindness comes to Holy Family

Kindness comes to Holy Family