OCF Makes RAK day a great one

Nov 10, 2014

Building RAK in the Oakville Community

It's back. Yes, the Oakville Community Foundation is partnering with community leaders, and with the help of some dedicated volunteers, is once again dedicating one day in Oakville to kind acts.

The hard-working team of Sarah McPherson, Director, Communications and Development and Kayla Willet, Special Projects Co-ordinator, in conjunction with committee members for this day, worked hard behind the scenes to assemble kindness crews who go out and perform acts of kindness throughout the day.

Why all the effort? Because it just simply makes an impact and benefits other people. We all know how good it feels to be treated kindly and making it all a community-wide effort just creates a stronger ripple effect outwards.

As a kindness advocate for schools and corporations, I have had the distinct honor of visiting some local Catholic schools who truly want to commit to making kindness a part of their curriculum. Just yesterday, I heard from students at St. James in Oakville on how kindness has made an impact on their lives.


The students truly put their hearts into talking about the small but powerful difference this character trait can make in their environment. All children want to feel part of a safe and inclusive environment and it has been proven that, along with happier children, academic performance is actually increased when that emphasis is part of the tone of a school.

This past Friday, I, along with other volunteers, was fortunate to be part of a movement that generates good-will, thoughtfulness and consideration towards our fellow human beings. Aren't we fortunate that this community puts such an emphasis on this.

Kudos to OCF and schools who jump on board.


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