Kindess Coaches join Oakville Community Foundation for Oakville RAK Day

Nov 26, 2014

Oakville Today

NORTH OAKVILLE – The dynamic duo of kindness will be taking their message to the students (and educators) of Holy Family on Monday with one goal: making the world a kinder place.

Steffi Black and Ivy Sims will be presenting their workshop, inspired by the Random Act of Kindness website ( as part of the school’s Random Act of Kindness Week activities.

The kindness coaches are touting the success of a recent study out of Vancouver, which showed students are more accepting of their peers after performing three acts of kindness per week over a four-week period.

“There’s a lot of research that shows kindness is contagious,” said Sims. “Endorphins are released when you do something kind – a helper’s high – and people physically feel good. Once they realize how great it feels, they want to do it more.”

To encourage this behaviour in schools, Sims and Black have activities and lessons, including one in which students pick a name and anonymously write down three kind words about that person.

“When you gather all the kids back around and you share the kind words, the kids start to experience that great feeling,” Sims explained. “Even though it starts out being anonymous, most of the kids end up putting up their hands because they see how great the person feels. I think we’re reinforcing the great feelings that are associated with being kind.”

Through the RAK website, Black noted that many small curriculums for schools could be developed.

“If we dump the curriculum on the teachers and expect them to do it all, that’s not fair,” Black said. “But we have tried to formulate a program that makes it simple for teachers to implement.”

The benefits of kindness have far-reaching consequences, she added.

“Through acts of kindness performed on a regular basis, the whole tone of a classroom can change,” she said. “Not only does this have ramifications for the children, but the community at large.”

To find out more about Random Acts of Kindness, visit To contact kindness coaches Ivy Sims and Steffi Black, visit

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