Fall 2013 Enews Bulletin

Oct 01, 2013

Welcome to our Fall update. Great to see member activity on our LInkedIn group page. We also warmly welcome our new Level 2 and level 3 members and, as we have announced before, Connection Corner now has an annual fee to meet your individual needs. For basic membership it is 35 dollars (visit website for details - http://www.steffiblackcoaching.com/connection-corner.html) and for Level Two it is 50 dollars, which includes personalized life, career and marketing coaching. (website details again).

We invite all of you to utilize the strategic services - including career resources, coaching, facilitated connections for career moves and building your business (please contact me personally for what your needs are) .

Let us know how this group of warm and supportive members can be most helpful to YOU this year. Please email myself or Wendy Daniels - wendy.daniels@rogers.com on what level you would like to join this year and we will be following up with you too.


Let’s welcome Claire Kerwin Clarke - A Market Research Manager seeking a new Health Promoter Role (keep your eyes peeled for any great connections that could use her expertise) Claire has a B.Sc., N.D. and over 10 years of market research experience within the advertising and healthcare field. Her passion is helping others and promoting healthy habits to prevent chronic disease. She has initiated and designed educational and marketing materials to promote healthy living at tradeshows and community events.

She is looking for a role in a non-profit, government or health-related industry - but is open to all industries - and is currently a volunteer at the Canadian Diabetes Foundation (a true passion for her).
Check out her linked in profile at
http://linkd.in/15Czilc or email her at ckerwin@hotmail.com


We want to salute members who reach out and help others (so please share when you have been helped by another member) and I would like to recognize Suzen Fromstein on Connection Corner for helping out Claire Kerwin Clarke on her transitional career path from Market Research to Health Promotion.

In Claire’s own words: “On my first day joining Connection Corner at the Women's Networking Event, I got to briefly meet Suzen who was launching her book "Suits and Ladders." Even with her busy schedule she still managed to think of me and advocate on my behave by helping introduce me to many new connections.page1image21776 page1image21936 page1image22096

I am deeply grateful for her kindness, support and generosity.” Kudos to you Suzen and continued success with Suits and Ladders!


Maxine Levine has a new role as Marketing and Sales Coordinator at bibliocommons - a developer of SaaS solutions for public libraries - she will be managing the creation of a new CRM program for the company, managing and coordinating all of the marketing materials, collateral, social media and advertising, as well as organizing other main events. http://www.bibliocommons.com


Liza Magcale (Managing Director) oversees Virtual Office Canada helping businesses grow by offering administrative services such as telephone answering, calendar management, appointment setting, and outbound follow up calling. They now offer product fulfillment and distribution to support online retailers. www.virtualofficecanada.com

You can email her directly at liza.magcale@eliaise.com

Marketers on Demand is saying goodbye to 1 Yorkville and hello to 178 Davenport.
Not only do they have new offices, but they have new marketing opportunities: http://www.marketersondemand.com/jobs/
Please contact them if you have interest or need marketing help:

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