Kindness Coaches kick off Random Acts of Kindness Week in Oakville on February 11th

Feb 08, 2013

NORTH OAKVILLE – The dynamic duo of kindness will be taking their message to the students (and educators) of Holy Family on Monday with one goal: making the world a kinder place.

Steffi Black and Ivy Sims will be presenting their workshop, inspired by the Random Act of Kindness website ( as part of the school's Random Act of Kindness Week activities.

The kindness coaches are touting the success of a recent study out of Vancouver, which showed students are more accepting of their peers after performing three acts of kindness per week over a four-week period.

"There's a lot of research that shows kindness is contagious," said Sims. "Endorphins are released when you do something kind – a helper's high – and people physically feel good. Once they realize how great it feels, they want to do it more."


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