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Jan 31, 2015


What's your story for January 2015?
I truly hope your beginnings in 2015 were filled with productive and peaceful moments in your goal setting and you can move forward with calm resolve on what is important to YOU this year.

On that note, and inspired by the catchy title, #holdmetoit, I participated in the small business contest sponsored by emyth to hold myself accountable to my goals this year and was inspired to start re-writing my personal and professional story after watching the moving short bio film from Megan Macedo:
         Take the time to watch this story film – impactful!
#RAKWeek is coming - can you jump on board to #spreadthekindness?
Who wants to join in on #RAKWeek2015 to #spreadthekindness?  This year, TheExecutiveRoundtable, Michelle Flynn of Mona Networks and many other companies are joining in to commit to a kindness plan for their company. Will your firm commit to this character trait too?  Contact me for more information if you or your company wants to participate. And, watch Susan Hay’s Making A Difference on Global TV this February 9th where she may profile one firm committing to 3 kind acts this international week of kindness.
Speaking of #spreadthekindness – member Claire Kerwin, who has been on maternity leave with her beautiful baby Brandon, has been instilling marketing wisdom along with Alanna Stone and publicist extraordinaire, Stephanie Blok, who is working with media to spread the word on why corporations can lead with compassion. 


Stephanie is also back from a Calfornia work experience and is looking to share her talents again in Canada. After strategic senior PR/Media/Event Management roles in Holt Renfrew, Jamieson and other top brands, she is looking for a new opportunity. Can you connect her to an exciting one? Email her at and visit her LinkedIn profile at
Member News - And new members joining at Levels 1 and 2: 
Joining us at Level 2 in 2015 is Kristen Harcourt
Some of you may have had the pleasure of meeting Kristen at our annual gathering and this year she officially joins our virtual networking group:

She is a senior consultant with the Mcquaid Institute, an organization that specializes in talent assessment tools for hiring, coaching, leadership development, performance management and teambuilding. Kristen passionately believes that PEOPLE are the most important piece to an organization’s success and finds it so rewarding to see the results when companies truly embrace this type of culture. She is always happy to have a conversation to learn about an organization’s challenges and see if she can support them. She also really enjoys speaking at events so is definitely open to speaking engagements. Kristen is at a stage in her journey where she feels so grateful for all of the opportunities she has had in her life and hopes that she can be of service to this community
CC Member Mel Dade lands her dream job with Above Ground Art Supplies. Mel is a musician, artist – upcycler and was looking for a role that combined her operations and creative expertise. After looking through listings on her Facebook company page, she saw the posting, sent in her resume and was contacted immediately for an interview. She is putting to use all her experience from working at Rona and can work in an area that inspires her art too! Another bonus – she can take a streetcar to work that is right outside her front door.
Happy for you Mel – you deserve this opportunity and can still building on your creative art work too! Check out her talents on Facebook @Colour66 Fine Arts & Upcycled Stuff
Sharing other member offerings:

Our culinary creative wizard, Anne Langford Dotsikas, is working on some new magical works:  Here is her inspirational blog for all foodies and food and cultural lovers out there – boy can she write:

Needing new photos - check out photographer mini-sessions:
Looking for a new photo for you or your family?  Photographer Wendy Rombough, who is also participating in #spread the kindness is offering a special package rate: here’s a sample photo of a random act of kindness:

Wendy Rombough Photography‎ Mini Session weekend Jan 31-Feb 1 2015
Mini Sessions in studio weekend of Jan31-Feb1, need updated pics of your kids or maybe a new profile pic - this is your chance! 5-10 shots per session, bw and colour - digital files included to print as you wish. Join in the fun! You can contact her at:

After seeing our member news, I hope you can take the time to reach out and support a member in their goals for this year. Wishing you all a wonderful 2015 with goals set and small steps taken towards them.



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