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Feb 09, 2015


Media and the power of sharing good news


Too often media focuses on tragedy and bad news, but recently as a kindness coach I got to be part of the positive pro-active way it can touch others by sharing powerful acts of compassion.

Acts of true kindness never fail to move me. For this 2nd annual #RAKWeek to spread the kindness in corporations, I have been fortunate enough to hear more stories of random acts from all over the city while working with two lovely media ladies: Global TV’s Susan Hay and CFRB’s Barb DiGiulo.

This past week, while Susan Hay and her “Making A Difference” team were filming a donation from GCY to a food truck for free meals as part of their acts of kindness for this upcoming international week, one woman shared that she was at a shelter and she didn't know where her next meal was coming from. The gesture made her day. She felt someone cared.


Later that night on CFRB1010 with Barb DiGiulo of “The Night Side,” callers called in to share moments where a kind act made an incredible impact – from a stranger carrying boxes for one woman to another leaving $700 with a complete stranger. One caller, through tears, talked about celebrating her 43rd wedding anniversary and being overcome by the kindness of a young couple, seated at another table, paying for their dinner before Christmas.

What was going to be a short radio segment on the impact of kindness became an hour as the host and producers dedicated the time to allow listeners to share the simple power of random acts of kindness. I believe that in our busy technological world we crave a more humane and caring approach. Broadcast mediums have the power to share these stories and remind us why this gentle but strong character trait truly benefits us all.

As well, just in time for the start of this global week of kindness, a Harvard researcher recently shared that performing random acts of kindness along with meditation, gratitude and exercise leads to longer sustaining happiness: Love this emphasis on positive news; let’s hear more of it in the media. It will be welcome by many.

You can watch the Making a Difference segment tonight on Global news. And, just maybe you’ll join in to committing three acts for #RAKWeek2015? All you need to do is share on social media with #spreadthekindness @steffiblack and, perhaps, you might even win a prize for your generosity. Most importantly, you’ll just know your small action made a difference to someone else.

Visit: for more details of how to get involved in this global week of kindness.

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