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Mar 19, 2015

Connection Corner News Update March 2014: Spring is in the air

Hello There CC Members and Kindness Corporate Advocates:
Spring is coming closer (March 20th officially). and so this time of renewal is an important time to reflect:  Ask yourself: What makes you happy and what do you need to re-commit to in order to be more fulfilled? Then, take the time to do it!

A shout out to the CC Kindness Advocates 
As many of you know, I work with schools and corporation to bring the character trait of kindness into their cultures.  I would like to salute some Connection Corner Members who got behind Random Acts of Kindness Week 2015 – Aviva Rabinovici committed to her company AR Communications getting on board as did Nancy Biderman of Harvey Kalles who did 3 kind acts as an individual and won a prize from Ara Wiseman who donated her Smart Cacao chocolate, Alanna Stone offered advice, Sandra Pakosh worked the social media and Claire Kerwin Clarke gave her time and energy too. Our advisory board member, Glain Roberts McCabe of The Executive Roundtable joined in for a second year as one of the corporate teams that demonstrated and shared the impact of Kindness. Stephanie Blok used her powerful publicity skills to help spread the word in the media. Who will join us next year? 

MEMBER INFORMATION: Returning Level 2 Members 
Reminder: What's your goal this year and how can Connection Corner help? It can be personal or career growth. Also, when you read about members who can help you or your business, please follow up - we are all about helping each other grow. Check out the Join uspage for more details: 

Let’s welcome Janet MacPhee of Latitude44 at Level 2 and Shelley Yoo at Level 2:
Janet is a leadership coach who gets energized by working with leaders who want to build their self-awareness and grow their skills, resulting in enhanced impact for themselves and their teams.
Along with her own consulting firm,  and through a long-standing relationship with Performance Coaching Inc., Janet also works regularly at the Queen’s University Leadership Program as a coach, utilizing The Attentional and Interpersonal Style inventory assessment tool. Utilizing other individual and multi-rater assessment tools is an integral part of Janet’s coaching process which provides clients with data about their strengths and development opportunities.
This is also a lady who gives back: Former Board Chair with Ontario Early Years, she is now involved with COPE Service Dogs too.
You can email her for further information about her leadership performance coaching:
Shelley Yoo has decided to change her career path. She's been at Ipsos Reid for over 2 years as a Research Manager specializing in innovations and forecasting.  After much consideration, she realized she needed a life change, which included finding a new career. Her last day at Ipsos was March 6th, and she took a short break before starting her new career at Wishabi, a technology and software company, as their Partner Account Lead (Retail).  You can congratulate Shelley via our group LinkedIn page or at email:
Reminder to join at your Level for this year that suits your needs for networking, business growth and coaching or marketing services we offer.
Good news for CC Member: A new board position

 Let’s congratulate Denise Shortt – who joins WCT as a board member:
Women in Communications and Technology recently announced the appointment of seven new board members and a new executive committee.
WCT is a not-for-profit Canada-wide association that advances women in ICT careers through a network of industry support and recognition, leadership and skills development and mentoring. 
Denise Shortt is currently Vice President, Industry Development, Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) You can congratulate her at:

Member Information: More Mindfulness in your lives

As well, interested in Taming Your Inner Reptile? The Executive Roundtable has an e-roundtable on leading with emotional intelligence.
Join Brenda Marshall on Friday March 27th  from 12:00 pm to 1:00 for a fascinating discussion about the inner workings of our brains and how to gain control of your “reptile” and lead from strength. 
In this session, you will learn:
  • The science of emotions and how our brains work.
  • Common workplace triggers. 
  • How to manage yourself more effectively.
Their e-Roundtables are offered on a complimentary basis exclusively to their members and CC Members received a discounted rate.  Here’s the contact information:

Member Information: More Mindfulness in your lives

We all hear about the benefits of mindfulness, but sometimes it’s not practical for us to or easy to find the time. Knowing this reality, I want to share two great offerings on-line right now; all you need is your phone or computer to access them.

1) Deepak and Oprah return again with Manifesting True Success: rp=Z
 2) Osho – meditation for busy people -

If you have news you would like to share, please send me a note and let us know how we can help connect YOU with your goals for life and business!

As well, stay tuned for our annual CC Event this June 2015!

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