Kindness in Schools

Apr 01, 2015

 Let's just say I love to hear that Kind Is the New Cool - because if we allow children to share what they think makes a kinder environment - we can learn so much.

In my role as a Kindness Coach, along with my fellow coaches, I was fortunate enough to recently visit a school in Markham called Bayview Fairways Public School and it was inspirational. Why you ask? I thought you'd never ask:) After our kindness workshops, the middle school took on organizing a whole assembly on their Kindness Month: They spoke, they sang and they produced a video featuring the whole school and their kind acts.
Recently, their teacher, Connie Ng, shared with me some of the impact of a month focusing on Kindness. Words like  'warm, inclusive and giving' were written about by the kids for their school newsletter, and, isn't that what we all wish for in any environment especially a school entrusted with the well-being in both academic and character education?
Let's give kids the opportunity to share what they think makes for a better more inclusive environment. We adults can learn a lot.

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