5 tips to help bring kindness into your workplace

Apr 15, 2015

5 tips to bring kindness into your workplace

1) Create and write a plan that devotes a week or month of time for kind acts amongst your staff

2) Have a list of suggested activities, but also allow employees to suggest the acts or vote on ones they like

3) Create a content management calendar to share pics and info on the kind acts the company commits to, so everyone gets involved and excited and shares and interacts on all social media channels.

4) Create and display a kindness board where quotes and stories are posted

5) As a group, decide upon a charity to raise money for during your week or month of kind acts. Or, keep a coins of kindness jar during dedicated week and drop off to local charity at end.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime to talk about how  #spreadthekindness can help schools and businesses improve their environment through workshop and presentations focusing on this important character trait.


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