A small act of kindness

Apr 29, 2015


My work as a life and career coach also involves the honor of doing kindness workshops in schools and presentations for corporations on the importance of kindness. I welcome stories on this topic and was fortunate that this recent experience was shared with me by my colleague, and web designer, Alex Charlton, of DS1 Design:

"This morning in the pouring rain a lady was collecting cans from my blue box, wearing a wool sweater. I was rushing out for a meeting and getting soaked myself while putting out the trash. I rushed back inside to find an old raincoat I had just replaced and offered it to her for which she was grateful."  

It may seem like a small gesture but it was a powerful one. He took the time to treat a fellow human being with dignity and respect. In this busy, technologically driven world, sometimes we rush around not taking the time to look around us for who may need a helping hand or even a simple smile, and this story reminded me of the power of small acts of kindness to #spreadthekindness
In your busy life, think about your potential to reach out and help a stranger or call a friend you haven't talked to in a while - we all need a little more of those moments which demonstrate our interconnectedness as human beings.
I love to hear these stories - please feel free to read out to me and share your story of kindness on my twitter @steffiblack @facebook/steffi99 or email: steffi@steffiblackcoaching.com It will make my day, your day and, most likely, someone else's a little bit brighter for it.

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