Standing up to bullies

May 15, 2015


Verbal put downs and assaults: Why it's not kind to Shauna Hunt or anyone else

In this day and age of often rude and aggressive behaviour in group outings, many times on sports fields, where do we cross the line on acceptable behaviour?
As an advocate of kindness in society, and a former entertainment reporter, I am saddened by the lack of respect towards a journalist simply doing her job; reporting on events as they happen.  




Shouting incredibly vulgar insults to a reporter doing a live broadcast crosses a line of decency and is downright derogatory and insulting. I admire and salute Shauna Hunt for calling the hecklers out.
And their rude comments were apparently copied from a fad that began in January 2014 as a series of fake news clips where a man posing as a Fox News “reporter” appears to be joking with his anchor about what he would do to a missing woman if he found her, and responds with a incredibly derogatory answer and one that does not deserve repeating.
I salute Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment for stepping up and working with the White Ribbon campaign (men against male violence) to demand a stop to this public assault on people simply doing their jobs. MLSE is even banning the two Fans for under a year. This is not the first time reporters have put up with these cruel taunting put downs. It's been reported it happens on a daily basis. (Today, again another report of a Calgary reporter being insulted and harassed.) 
Its mob mentality when groups gang up and it's a scary position to be bullied like that in public, especially, with sexually degrading words. Simply put: It's an unacceptable verbal assault that should not be tolerated in a decent society.
I am glad to hear about the organizations stepping forward to not condone or ignore this bad and unkind behaviour. We all have voices, and, perhaps, in the future, we can stand up to the bullies and lend our support when someone is being harassed, whether in the school yard or in the sports arena. Both are not acceptable. Remember, a civil and just society always needs kindness to function well.



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