Hanging out with #CaringCounts Founder

May 26, 2015

He has been in the service business since he was 16 years old and loves taking care of others and making them smile: Meet the Caring Canadian Adam Purcell.

By day he is a a General Manager of The Red Stag Tavern in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which won a @TIANS Pineapple award in 2013. The award recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond what is expected to enrich a visitor's stay in friendly East Coast.
Out of his love for making people happy came #CaringCounts, a movement that helps others have a better day in anyway Adam can make it happen. He took the time to chat with me in a life and career coaching google hangout moment today:
You can follow him at twitter @PurcelliRaptor and share kind acts or help someone in need via #CaringCounts. Saluting Adam Purcell who makes people smile through #CaringCounts and takes the time to #spreadthekindness


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