The power of sticky quotes

May 28, 2015

Why small sticky notes make me smile😀

It started off as a positive note I saw on an Instagram page. An inspirational quote that boldly stated: 'Be Who You Are.'

I love the simple upbeat message employing a popular sticky note that many of us already use, and adding an inspiring quotation. That quick moment of a feel good buzz that inspires you to live that motto or aspire towards it.
As Brandon Schaefer shared on MyBlogU: "People love quotes because they're like little firecrackers in the sky that make a big boom, and make a beautiful colour in the sky."

My curiousity peaked,I decided that for my Life and Career Coaching Moment on @googleplushangouts, I had to contact the founder of My Sticky Quotes, and we chatted about why he started this company and what kind of impact he hopes to have with these short inspirational quotes.

Inspirational quotes are 'portable wisdom' according to author, David Leonhardt, who wrote "Climb your Stairway to Heaven: The 9 habits of maximum happiness", and he also adds that they are easy to remember, easy to repeat, and therefore easy (it feels like) to apply to life without having to think too hard each time one is faced with a decision. David goes on to mention that many of the best-known ones date back to the Bible.
Turn the other cheek
The meek shall inherit the earth
Seek and you shall find

And, because of the positive impact, I would love to bring these nourishing notes into kindness workshops in schools and corporations: I hope some of you will join in on this #MotivationMovement and share some small but powerful positive messages of 'portable wisdom'.


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