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Jun 22, 2015

Xtraordinary Game-Changers – The Wall of AWE!
Welcome to the Wall of Awe.

Imagine if you will…
entering the Phone Booth, where one wall is not of glass, but etched with the names of ordinary folk who leverage life’s defining moments and, through heroic acts simple and profound, shift the world for the Xtraordinary.

True, their great reward may be a glint in the eye of those they’ve given hope, joy, courage, love, but The Phone Booth Project aims to seek them out and, at the very least, add their name and efforts to The Wall Awe and merit them with an honorary lifetime membership within The League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers (XG League).

The League of Xtraordinary Game-Changers … YOU

You, whether you realize it or not, ARE a member of the XG League and your name belongs here…whether you tend a garden, raise a child, help a neighbor, feed the poor, offer your place in line to another, show grace to a person who’s forgotten their innate worthiness for but a moment or shout possibilities from the rooftops of the world.

The Wall of Awe celebrates the Super Heroes, the Game-Changers, in our midst, the work they do and the world they passionately strive to create. It celebrates YOU. Check back often for regular updates to Heroic links, clips and ideas of our members. Should you wish to nominate one who you know to be Owning the Cape in deed, please connect with me and *poof* their name (or yours) will appear.

In celebration of the cape and the one inside it… jennifer

in celebration of


Steffi’s dharma is to help empower women to transform and young people at a crossroads. In her work as a Life/Career Coach, she works with individuals to chart a clear path with renewed confidence and clarity as she firmly believes individuals have the lsstrength within themselves to make transformative life and career transitions.

Through her #spreadthekindness message, she creates kindness workshops for schools, including a monthly curriculum plan and presentations for companies on Why Kindness Matters Today: How planning to incorporate kindness in the workplace creates powerful, positive change. She aims to #spreadthekindness across schools and workplaces in Canada and abroad. To check out her positive message or to book her for a speaking engagement, go to 

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