Leadership and Core Values

Jun 25, 2015


 We talk about leadership and having a strong vision for company culture, but how many companies actually share their vision for what company standards are truly important to them. Certainly, the human resources department often has a book of guidelines but who is sharing what’s in it?

Recently, with the firing of key spokespeople in the media, there have been many people quick to jump on the bandwagon of criticism, but who sets the standards for leadership in newsrooms ?  Being a reporter used to be about strong values and dogmatic investigation, but is it today?  I spoke with Glain Roberts-McCabe ofThe Executive Roundtable about values actually being conveyed from the top down. Here’s our chat:
Perhaps, it’s time for all of us as a person and employee to look closely at what we stand for and for respected leadership that can inspire with heart. Engaged leadership makes a difference to engaging employees that know what’s right and what’s wrong and lean towards the former.

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