A visit with Sara Wiseman

Jul 14, 2015

There are many paths to self-knowledge, and it’s important for each individual to find the one that suits their style of learning and comfort level.

In this week’s Life and Career Coaching Moment, I had the opportunity to visit with Sara Wiseman, a spiritual intuitive who works with people all over the world.
Her passion is to help those who are interested, learn how to go to different levels in their experience and have more clarity and healing in this self-discovery process.
You are in safe hands with this soulful counsellor, Sara has a gentle but powerful way to help people break-through patterns that are holding them back
from truly living purposefully.

Choices of Experiences with Sara:

There is not just one way to have an experience with this intuitive guide, as, being a smart entrepreneur, she has put together many vehicles:
A clarity reading can give you a new perspective or her coaching sessions can offer more-indepth perspective.
If you are someone who likes to learn, Sara has Intuition University, which offers small group, and distance training.
And, if you prefer Homestudy, there are also affordable audio courses.
For all of us on this journey, Sara is another wayfinder on this highway: www.sarawiseman.com

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