Hanging out with lead singer Jon Burr

Jul 22, 2015

After a decade in the music business, How I Became the Bomb, a veteran band from Murfreesboro, Tennessee has garnered some well-deserved attention - lately, due to the impact of their haunting song “Ulay, Oh”, which is overlayed with a video featuring visual artist Marina Abramovic meeting her long-lost love Uwe Laysiepen (stage name Ulay) after 30 years.

According to Kari F of attractwomen.com – a relationship writer, the impact was strong because: “Intimate connection with another person is powerful. While the importance of material things and random experiences fade away, the bond that comes from being intimately connected to someone is never broken. It doesn't matter if it has been 1 year, 5 years, or 30 years, that bond is still full of importance and can move you to your core. “

Well-put, and I was fortunate that lead singer Jon Burr took the time to chat about how the haunting song and accompanying video made such a 'ripple effect', without the backing of a large record label, and thanks to the social media buzz garnered by fans sharing all around the world.

Now that the band has signed with S-Curve Records, we will see what the next decade will bring, but, ultimately, it’s heart-warming to see the power of viral fans sharing a song and story with timeless appeal.

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