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Jul 31, 2015

Tip#872: Recognize The Support Around You, Part 3 - Red Planet

For the past week I’ve been rebuilding my work/life/communications environment on my new used MacBook Pro and it’s been tough and overwhelming (see: tip#871)! Plus I got sunburned on a cottage trip which has been painful for days where my skin started to blister and peel. I looked and felt like a snake shedding old skin and amazingly related to my computer rebuilding as a metaphor that I’ve entered a new phase of unexpected change.

Just before my previous computer died I did a Google Hangouts interview with my friend and client, Steffi Black, Host of The Life & Career Coaching Moment Show. It was 6 minutes and we discussed uplifting moved and how being open about my clinical depression is helping others cope.

See video interview: A reminder of movie magic to heal and empower: 

Also, I was told by famed director Sylvia Caminer​ that I have a quote on the DVDs, Blu-rays and marketing for her fantastic documentary Tanzania: A Journey Within (see: tip#765). It was a thrill to my quote in print! These two experiences with Steffi and Sylvia helped remind me of my value and re-energize me because sometimes I just feel overwhelmed during this time of unexpected change.


Red Planet (2000)

The science fiction thriller film, Red Planet, is about a team of astronauts that travel to Mars to check on an algae growth experiment to help a dying Earth in 2056 AD. Problems occur with the ship and they must all persevere despite impossible odds on the planet surface. With stunning visual effects and cool futuristic tech this is an entertaining story of resilience. See: movie trailer


This is one of those films that is considered a critical and box-office failure and yet whenever I see it I am extremely inspired and motivated to persevere with my problems. This time it is the scene where systems engineer Robby Gallagher (Val Vilmer) is alone on Mars and feels hopeless and wants to give up. Commander Kate Bowman (Carrie-Anne Moss) is on the ship and urges Gallagher to keep going.

Simple, powerful scenes like this always fill me with confidence and drive just like the support and encouragement I feel from amazing people like Steffi Black and Sylvia Caminer. Whenever you face unexpected change or crisis remember to find ways to stay inspired and motivated. Find movies and good people that will remind you of your inner strengths and potential. Support is always around you in some shape or form!

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