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Sep 01, 2015


In 2006 at the age of 43, she had 120 dollars and two kids in the middle of a divorce; Stephanie Mitchell Hughes knows what it’s like to be in an incredibly ‘tough spot’ and through her own work and perseverance, she has come out the other side to help others in their own struggles.

In this week’s Life and Career Coaching Moment, I had the distinct honor of hearing her message:


As well, as being a lawyer, writer and activist for children - she has worked on initiatives to support victims of domestic violence -  Stephanie also shared her 'dance with depression'' at a conference entitled: This Is My Brave


Stephanie also spoke at TedXColumbus: Out of the valley:

Born into a family of educators, Stephanie now takes the time to educate others on moving through their own pain and emerging on the other side, and in doing so, she hopes to allow light to shine on the dark corners of life.

You can follow this brave and beautiful lady on twitter at @srmhughes and by visiting her website at:

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