Employee Engagement

Sep 22, 2015

 She is passionate about helping people and companies thrive in a connected and compassionate environment, and it is fitting that Kristen Harcourt works with an organization that does just that.

The McQuaig Institute offers a simplified and comprehensive talent assessment solution for companies, and the team also focuses on job analysis and leadership development.

I spoke with this committed and highly-collaborative advisor who, has a member of a women’s networking group, Connection Corner, spoke to our group about knowing your strengths. She joined me in this week’s Life and Career Moment:


The organization also features some resources on their website which can help managers become better leaders: http://www.mcquaig.com/resources/

And, at the end of the day it’s also important to be able to align your core values with your workplace of choice, and Kristen is fortunate to be able to do that and helps others create that winning environment too.


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