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Sep 29, 2015

 Connection Corner News: Fall Update 2015

Fall Transitions: New Beginnings 
Fall is officially here as well as the recent visit from a Super Blood Moon - lots of change is in the air and I truly hope you enjoy this transitional time of the season: A chance to reflect and renew - also an opportunity to commit to new routines that benefit you physically and mentally. On that note, I have been sharing a Personal Vision exercise with some clients, and I am happy to offer to Connection Corner Members too, so, please simply email me at steffi@steffiblackcoaching.com and I will send the short reflective exercise your way.

Here's hoping most of you work in a caring and compassionate workplace and speaking to that in  Life and Career Coaching Moment was our summer keynote speaker, Kristen Harcourt, who shared her passion for employee wellness that she gets to implement in her work with the McQuaig Institute: Check out her enthusiasm for this subject in the video link below: 

*Note:  if you have any trouble with link visit: http://bit.ly/1OPats3

MEMBER NEWS: Meet a new member and saluting a caring one
Meet Debra Stuart, an international award winning Toronto freelance copywriter, and marketing and branding consultant. Debra’s expertise has been engaged by advertising agencies, entrepreneurial start-ups, retail chains, North American franchises, national industry associations and not-for-profit organizations, as well as iconic brands such as Scotiabank, Cineplex, Hudson’s Bay Company, Tridel, Hershey, Canadian Tire, Holt Renfrew, Hard Rock Café and IMAX.
Leveraging her advertising agency background, and insights gained in marketing leadership roles for globally recognized, category leading brands, Debra’s extensive portfolio of business contributes includes advertising campaigns, websites, brochures, newsletters, press releases, direct mail, franchise kits, magazine articles, annual reports, radio commercials, corporate video scripts and more. Looking for this type of expertise - see below:
Debra’s contact information: 
416.720.0271 l debra@debrastuart.com l debrastuart.com
Please take a minute to view her portfolio: 
Saluting those who care and connect: This month's profile: 
Many of you know Michelle Flynn - as a top-notch digital marketing and biz development specialist.  She is currently leading Tenzing's expansion plans in both new relationship development and with existent clients. This warm and dynamic lady takes the time to connect and care:  She has personally referred many amazing ladies to work with me in my coaching business and she has also met with many of the Connection Corner Members to encourage and empower. Thank you Michelle on behalf of myself and many appreciative members. You can thank her personally at: michelleflynn@gotenzing.com and check out this great description of what her company offers - anything with a Sherpa and humility in their branding - gets my vote:
Another lady who has helped members to connect is the talented communicator Suzen Fromstein: She is a ghostwriter, freelance writer and author of Suits and Ladders: Ten Proven Ways to Keep Your Job Safe and Inform, Influence and Entertain Like a Pro: The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Speaking ...And How to Avoid Them.
Looking for a writer or keynote speaker for your event - you can simply email this warm and funny lady at suzen@suzenfromstein.com
Strategy Information for Members: 
As we all know what a powerful tool LInkedIn is for networking and jobs. Here are some tips for your linkedin profile
And, looking for some social media expertise - on a part-time basis - look no further than Emmanuel Lopez a motivational speaker and strategic social media man who can help you with that. His fees are reasonable and range from $75 to $100 depending on the type of work that is need. He can also do event photographer on location for clients. 
As always, a heartfelt thank you to all of you who 'pay it forward' by taking the time helping others - stay tuned for other thank you's to caring members and please let me know so I can acknowledge their efforts.

And, remember, looking to cement your new goals in your life and career or working on building your biz and networking connections please reach out to me and let me know what Level of Connection Corner you would like to join and we will create a tailored plan just for YOU!

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