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Nov 05, 2015

As a Kindness Advocate for Schools and Corporations, I will admit my bias towards those companies who get involved, but I do believe it benefits all employees who take the time to #spreadthekindness during Random Acts of Kindness Week, and at others times during the year too.

#RAKWeek is an international week encouraging kind acts around the world. And when one act happens, it systematically creates what is called a 'Ripple or Domino effect' of people wanting to jump on board the compassionate action wagon. In my work with #spreadthekindness, I invite corporations as well as schools to jump in on committing to three kind acts for this international week of kindness.

Why Businesses should get involved in 'Spreading The Kindness' all year long

Though kindness is often emphasized at school, there are reasons why it is important at the workplace too. In the words of Kari of Smiling Thoughts, a website to help provide tools for a happier mind, "Even the best job can be stressful at times. Feeling stressed drains our energy and can result in lower productivity and less than desirable results. Having someone be kind to us at work, especially in the midst of a struggle, can alleviate the stress to some extent and give us more energy to be productive and creative."

In creating a tailored plan for each business involved, I ask each company to appoint a Kindness Ambassador who will work with me to cheerlead and organize the week to make it work well and empower employees involved in the actions; it needs to fit to a company's current culture and be authentic to those involved. As Ben of Acuity Training shares: "Kindness matters because doing new things and pushing boundaries inevitably means that there will be problems. Staff will only feel comfortable with the possibility of things going wrong if you run it with kindness."

The law firm’s ambassador I spoke with about this week of compassion and its' outcome is GCY lawyer and Kindness Champion, Carla Manias, who has spearheaded this week with #spreadthekindness for two years as well as encouraging other positive and pro-active activities at the office.

As World Kindness Day is coming up on November 13th, I wanted to check in with Carla to discuss why Gasee, Cohen &Youngman got involved in emphasizing a week devoted to kindness and why it benefits those involved. Here's our recent interview for Life & Career Corner:


And, the GCY Team and their work with #spreadthekindness was featured on Global TV in Susan Hay's segment 'Making A Difference':


Thanks to Carla and other kindness ambassadors at organizations like The Executive Roundtable, Authentic Leadership Global, AR Communications, DS1 Design, Norex, Jonny Belinko Yoga, Judy's Group Fitness, Ara Wiseman Nutrition and Healing, and many pro-active individuals and corporations in Toronto, acts of kindness are becoming more prevalent in the corporate arena. And, why not? It’s a great morale booster in the office and creates a happier, more productive environment which is a win-win for all workplaces.

In fact, along with the international week of kindness activities, I now present and create custom-tailored workshops for corporations on Why Kindness Matters in Today's Workplace as more studies have shown that it’s not the flexibility or perks that makes the biggest impact at work, it’s a caring and compassionate environment that is the main predictor of happiness.

Is your business in to create a plan for kind acts that improve morale and boost productivity? 

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