Why Robin Sharma speaks to me

Nov 16, 2015

 As a life and career coach, he first spoke to me when I picked up The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - a 'small but mighty' book sharing how to live a life of passion and purpose. After that reading experience, I started following Robin Sharma on other channels, and I loved how he distilled well-known wisdom into digestible bits for living a life well-lived. He made me want to dream bigger.

Robin Sharma Overview 

Not only are his tips, motivational speeches and insightful books full of information that is usable and workable for all of us, but he does it with no arrogance just a genuine passion for his subject matter that includes warmth and humility. He quietly reminds us that the C.E.O. of a huge corporation is still buried next to the street-sweeper. He may coach the well-known, but he believes in all of us.

Right now, he is offering a free training video series that is incredible value. You can visit his website and sign up for his email list because if you're interested in a growth-mindset and 'kickin' it up a notch', it's worth your time and energy to invest in what he has to teach us.

Talk about #MondayMotivation for your life and career,  you can find out more: http://www.robinsharma.com 




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