Meet Catherine B. Roy in this Life and Career Corner

Dec 07, 2015

Pay close attention to a woman with a 'mission'

She has a simple but powerful mission – with the creation of her Live From Your Heart and Mind Community and upcoming book – Catherine B. Roy aims to simply help others connect to their ‘heart and mind’ and begin on a do-able road to satisfaction and success.

Like many inspirational leaders, it wasn’t always easy for this awakener, who was awarded the top 30 Under 30 Young Leaders in the world, as she also suffered a serious health challenge, one of the factors in leading to a major transformation: As positive writer David Leonhardt shared: “We sure love our comfort zones, and we resist leaving them; we live in denial. A traumatic event is harder to ignore...” And pay attention Catherine did, in fact, her challenging periods helped lead to a re-birth of focus on empowering others, as she shares in our recent Life and Career Corner Interview:


How an Algorithim can Help YOU!

This member of MENSA is certified in the fields of psycho-linguistics and positive psychology, among other specialized empowerment areas, and she believes her system is tailored to the individual because the LHM algorithms lead to personalized answers, which help increase both your emotional and mental potential.

In this age of social connectivity, group forums can be powerful tools for encouraging positive change: You can visit the LHM Facebook forum for crowd sharing or you can visit her site for some simple steps to begin.

What are you waiting for? Try the 10 easy steps for happiness and see if your own personal challenges can be made a little easier with some accessible outlets and tools.

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