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Dec 15, 2015

Connection Corner News: Holiday Time Update: Good News

With the holidays coming up – I hope after a busy season - that there is also some rest and re-charging for many of you busy members. If anyone needs support for new life and career momentum goals, feel free to touch base with me. I have shared a recent life/career coaching template with clients for making reflective goals for 2016 so just email me:


Thank you to all you members who reach out and take time for others. This newsletter I salute Alanna Stone who has been a big help to CC Member Pam in her career transition goals. Alanna is Internal Communications & Community Engagement/Philanthropy at Johnson & Johnson: or you can reach out This virtual networking group is all about 'paying it forward' and I, and many of you, are grateful to members like Alanna who take the time to connect others. Please email me if a member has helped you so I can salute them too.

MEMBER NEWS: Kristen Harcourt disrupts HR

You can play this song in background: Shake It Off

On Dec 10th, Kristen Harcourt had the opportunity to be a Speaker at DisruptHR Toronto, a forum designed to inform, energize and empower the HR field. She spoke about Why the CEO should report to the CHRO and gave insight on how HR can become stronger influencers and gain deeper expertise to be drivers in the organization. It was a packed house with 225 people. Kristen also jumped on board the Executive Roundtable's #12DaysofBizRak: and is donating to a different charity each day. That's a warrior for #kindness!



Corinne Smirle is an inspiration to many wanting to make a career and life transition. She left the Corporate Communications field to go back to school and study to become a social worker. She has a particular interest in providing psycho-social and practical support to older individuals experiencing acute and chronic health issues. As well, she has experience at the renowned Baycrest Hospital, where she received two internal client-service awards for compassion and advocacy.

Today, (drum roll please) she is now going to work as a Social Worker – Family Services and Outreach at the Aphasia Institute. You can reach this caring and compassionate CC Member via:

Can Your Workplace #spreadthekindness?

Honoured to share that a Kindness in the workplace Keynote & Workshop was delivered at the Niagara Library System this Fall. Here's to more workplaces jumping on board to #spreadthekindness so they can create a more caring and connected work environment. Contact me if you would like to book a lunch 'n learn on this topic. I also love the people that have come on board to be Kindness Ambassadors this year. Thrilling to see the momentum of this important character trait in all our lives.Below is latest promo piece created by Emmanuel Lopez, a graphics and social media contractor, please reach out if he can help you with your promotional or social media needs:

And, Our CC Advisory Board Member, Glain Roberts-McCabe has always been on board #stk during #RAK and, as mentioned earlier, her organization, The Executive Roundtable, is now encouraging acts of kindness over the holidays and you can join in for their #12DaysofBizRAK: 

 That's your update for 2015 - Wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday season and let's make YOUR 2016 a great start by reaching out and letting members connect you to your goals.

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