The power of social media for good

Dec 18, 2015

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." - Charles Dickens

After the loss of a good friend to the streets, Jon Linton decided to do something about it and began using his artistic skills to document the stories of those who are sometimes never even asked their name with the I Have A Name Project.

The power of social media for good

As he started telling their stories via social media on channels like youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the movement began to get bigger and created a 'ripple' effect of those wanting to help. He has created art exhibits, coffee table books and now t-shirts that are outcome-based: They help to give hope where hope has been lost.

His creations are memorable and impactful because their share our common humanity. Take this recent short film on the homeless:

An Interview with A Social Activist

As I wanted to give him time to share the stories of Chuck and Carl and others whose paths he has crossed in this social activism movement, I Have A Name Project, we had a long conversation about their stories in this week's Life and Career Corner:

Ways to Get Involved

You can find out more information about this empowerment movement by following the regular social media updates. When asked how one can help, Jon's answers are simple: 'Volunteer at a soup kitchen', or, even more helpful, and, perhaps, more fitting: 'The next time you offer a meal or some money to someone on the streets, look right into their eyes and ask them their name.'

As his T-shirt inscription says: "Let's Be Better Humans".  

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