Spread the Kindness visits a new work-place

Jun 14, 2017


Spreading the Kindness in the workplace: Meet Pawsitively Pets

It's a fact, it's not the perks, the bonuses or even the flexibility that create a great workplace - though they help - it's ultimately working at a caring and connected workplace.


Training Day with Kindness 

I was fortunate to join in at their training day to present and empower staff and volunteers at this Pawsitively Pets' kids' camp to create their own monthly Kindness Plan, and hopefully, instill a more caring and connected culture.

This animal organization hosts many programs for both children and adults and loves to share and teach knowledge by teaching, running camps and working with many rescue animals. 

Honoured to do the keynote for their training weekend, I also had the opportunity to work with them as they created a template to encourage a month of kind acts in their workplace. As some studies have shown, the consistency of kind actions can change a workplace culture. Bring it on! All employees deserve this opportunity to share their own voice on what can make a difference.

Can't wait to see what the month brings for both the leaders and the campers. #spreadthekindness 


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