Unlock the Power of Mindfulness

Aug 29, 2017

Why Mindfulness and Kindness Walk Hand in Hand

Honoured to be part of a recent mindfulness workshop organized by meditation leader, Kate Kerr of Wake Up Kate. Her leadership in mindfulness includes an acknowledgement of the role kindness plays in it. I was excited to play a small part in speaking on the synergy between the two in life and work.


I also joined other  leaders and influencers at this informational keynote and workshop, "Unlock The Power Of Mindfulness" at The Spoke Club, Toronto. The workshop shared how to be more focused by learning where you put your attention. It also helped us discover why resilience is key for today's leadership and how to 'get out of your head' and use your body intelligence. Other leaders included Glain Roberts-McCabe of The Executive Roundtable and Dr. Jessica Langer, Professor of Public Relations and Social Media Strategist.

Attendee Benefits

As well particpants received: An actionable plan and some practices to start implementing. They also received membership in Wake Up Kate's Private Facebook community and 5% of proceeds from this event were given to RETHINK Breast Cancer, the young women's breast cancer movement.

I suggest anyone looking to incorporate this powerful tool in their life investigate the other offerings Kate has on her platform: https://www.wakeupkate.com/shop/




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