Bringing more kindness into biz

Dec 08, 2017

It's back: Bring on 12 days of Kindness In Business.

Honoured to once again join forces with The Roundtable, a leading mentoring and leadership organization whom truly believes in the power of kindness.

Encouraging kindness to happen - one day at a time.

They are spearheading some ideas to incorporate over this busy holiday season and some can be as simple as opening a door to a stranger or giving a warm smile, even a compliment to a boss. It's been proven over and over again that these small but powerful connections can increase serotonin in our brains and make both the recipient and giver feel better. In their own words: "We believe it’s important not to underestimate the impact even the smallest gesture can make in someone’s day, and as such, we’ve partnered up with our friend Steffi Black, Spread the Kindness Coach to help bring some positive energy into our workplaces."

Can you or your business jump in? It's worth the effort and, after all, tis the season of giving: Here's the details:

 To a warm and giving holiday season. Take the time to make someone's day just a little bit nicer.  


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