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Sep 24, 2018

Sep 2018
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Eating healthy while
on the move

As more of us are making a conscious effort to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle, plant based cuisine has become a lot more common and accessible throughout the world.

I recently traveled to Morocco with my daughter and the food was incredible. We had vegetarian tagine and couscous everyday. In some of the more touristy areas they had beautiful fruit platters. Everywhere in Morocco you can find mint and green tea; they refer to it as their whiskey. We stayed in a Riad which is a beautiful guest house, a hidden oasis in the small narrow maze of alleys and souks of the medina. We also had a traditional hammam, which is a steam and body scrub. You are covered in black soap made from olive oil and eucalyptus. It is then scrubbed off of you vigorously using a mitt called a keesa in order to exfoliate your skin, resulting in rolls of dead skin shedding off. We left the hammam feeling relaxed with soft and silky skin. I loved Morocco, the colours, warmth, aromatic spices, food, and the energy of the people.

I was also recently in Israel and enjoyed fresh vegetables, fruit, smoothies and fresh pomegranate juice. I was in fruit heaven. Whenever I am in Israel, I always go to the local market (or shuk), to get all my fresh, local, and in-season fruit and vegetables along with halva. We had hummus, Israeli salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and lemon juice), tahini, lentil soup and eggplant. The food was healthy and delicious. I have traveled there numerous times and have had wonderful experiences every time.

The most important ‘travelers insurance’ to have with you are probiotics. There are so many strains of bacteria and germs we get exposed to and if our microbiome is unbalanced we are more susceptible to inhospital bacteria and end up getting sick. Studies have shown that taking probiotics while traveling will help reduce your chances of getting travelers diarrhea. If you do end up with diarrhea, the probiotics will help to lessen the duration of it. I also bring electrolytes, a couple herbal tinctures, loose herbs for tea, digestive enzymes, a homeopathic remedy for nausea, and a multivitamin. I have found over the years that it is easier to have your ‘arsenal’ with you in case you feel unwell.

Hydration is of utmost importance. One of the reasons people tend to get constipated from air travel is because of dehydration. The salty pretzels and caffeine people consume doesn’t help. Most airlines have food you can purchase on the flight but the food isn’t healthy and the choices are limited. You can also request a vegan or vegetarian meal, but bringing your own food is the best option. I always bring a couple apples cut up, bananas, celery and carrots, raw nuts and seeds, crackers, a sandwich with avocado or with a little almond butter, raw honey, sliced banana with cinnamon. If it’s a longer flight I also bring healthy cookies and dark chocolate. I carry my own tea bags and ask for hot water at the airport cafes. When I get to the gate, I purchase 2 litres of water and have a mint tea. Try to avoid caffeine when flying, as it is dehydrating.

Once I arrive, my first stop is local markets to get fresh produce. I prefer to stay in a place with a kitchen. Traveling gets you out of our everyday routine and enriches your day-to-day experiences and opens your eyes to different cultures and practices. You can try new food while still maintaining your healthy lifestyle. I know a lot of people go on vacation and end up gaining weight but there is no reason to eat more than you normally would just because you’re away. All that it does is put your body through unnecessary stress. Use your vacation time to rest, re-energize, go for long walks and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. My father would always say that going away on vacation will clear your head and give you a new perspective on your life.

The Stress Buster

1 cup fennel
1 cup black currant juice
½ pear
4 mint leaves
1 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup filtered water
¼ cup brazil nuts (soaked over night)

Fennel is high in potassium, which is an essential nutrient and works as a vasodilator, which means that it relaxes the tension of blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure. It is an electrolyte and facilitates electrical conduction throughout the body, aiding the nervous system.

Potassium can help increase brain function and cognition. Black current is high in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. It aids in physical, dietary and mental stress. Black current can increase alertness, while reducing mental fatigue to work with greater accuracy while under significant mental stress. This benefit from blackcurrants is due to them having higher concentrations of the compounds needed to combat fatigue than any other fruit.

Pears are high in potassium and support adrenals. Raspberries are high in antioxidants such as ellagic acid an anti-inflammatory compound. It protects our body from stress. It also prevents our skin from wrinkling.

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