Be Smart. Be Safe

Apr 28, 2019

Street Smart Safety: Why We Need It Today.

It’s a fact – we live in a technologically distracted and often aggressive society. We are also multi-tasking more than ever, and because of this distracted behavior, it is even more important to make sure we are alert and aware when we go out in public.

When we feel safe and confident then we move forward with more warmth and openness instead of paranoia and fear. In keeping with this modern need for security and safety, Ronin Protection Services has created  the Ronin Street Smart Safety Certificate Program.

How the Program helps you: 

Many of the smart and practical tips were initially offered to law enforcement but now C.E.O, John Liao and Wing Chug Practioner, is offering it to the public as well. John will combine his knowledge of self-defence and martial arts with psychological empowerment tips as well. It’s not just about physical strength but mental well-being as well.

The Ronin Street Ronin Street Smart Safety program shares concrete
and visual tools to deal with possible high-risk scenarios that happen on the streets and in society today. It’s about learning to feel strong and feel empowered without resorting to angry, defensive words or violent actions.

Based on the theme ‘Avoidance, Prevention and Awareness’ – The R.S.S.S Curriculum includes tips for

• Simple, effective physical self-defence based on the system of Wing Chun
• Understanding street level smarts: Don’t expose yourself as a good target
• Verbal and physical techniques that can de-escalate an aggressive situation
• Street level effectiveness and efficiency: Don’t be a good target
• Cellphone and purse/bag protocol in public
• Encounters with mentally ill or aggressive people

At the end of sessions, participants will learn to identify ways to recognize possible threats and respond accordingly. It’s about always being prepared and positioned for utmost safety and security. 

‘Be Smart. Be Street Safe.’

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