Taking time for fun

Aug 13, 2019


A little too often, we take on the persona of being an adult in both the workplace and in our downtime too. Yes, you can be mature and responsible and respectable: All good elements for a successful person to thrive at the workplace today, but let's not forget the lighter elements of life: laughter, joy, and even, dare I say, some silliness.

A recent outing with Youngman Law, where I work one day a week, reminded me of the joy in being silly and letting go. It was through an outing to the ping pong place, Spin. Now, I will confess I think hitting light balls back and forth as an amateur is great fun, but, regardless, running around the table and hitting balls back and forth is just fun if you let yourself get into it.

I think that sometimes in becoming an adult we forget the joy inherent in games and laughter and messiness. We are so busy being 'good at what we do' we often take away from the wonderful joy at our disposable in simply playing - not to win, not to beat someone, but simply to cut loose and have fun.

I think it isn't just the domain of the young but the domain of the 'young at heart' and can't we all be part of that camp if we truly let ourselves be?!

Here's to more bouts of laughter and running and messiness....the world needs more of that part of you. And, when's the last time you jumped into a bathtub full of ping pong balls:)

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