New Meditation Challenge: Are you In?

Oct 07, 2019

New On-Line Meditation Challenge with Deepak and Oprah


It's been a privilege to take yoga with Ashtanga Instructor Jonny Belinko, who is also a wedding officiant, and to enjoy the free offerings of Chopra Centre Meditations.

A few times a year the Chopra Centre offers free 21-day Meditation Challenges and I love them. They share information and inspiration and make it quite easy to set aside time and do a meditation practice in your own home or office (with door closed, of course!)

Every day, during the challenge, you receive a daily email with a link to the meditation once the experience begins. The resources continue with a hub featuring articles on the power of mindfulness and an FB community to keep the momentum going.

Perhaps, it's your time to start this healing and empowering experience. Check out 21-Day Meditation experience and see what happens:

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