Spreading the Kindness: The Kindness Coaches visit Oakville

Jun 07, 2012

For immediate release Monday June 4, 2012

Spreading the Kindness:  The Kindness Coaches visit Oakville

How important is kindness to young children? Numerous scientific studies show that acts of kindness result in significant health benefits, both physical and mental. And, that's why Kindness Coaches Steffi Black and Ivy Sims love visiting elementary schools to share the importance of kind acts. In Black's words: "Kindness teaches empathy and consideration for others and can also help to foster generosity in children."

The 40 minute interactive workshop includes an activity where the kids are asked to choose a classmate’s name from a hat, and then write 2 to 3 kind words about them, which is in turn shared with the class  "There are many benefits of being kind – for both the received and the giver, but nothing shows the positive effects of being kind more than the looks of joy on the children’s faces when they heard the nice things their classmates had to say about them", says Kindness Advocate Black. She is referring to the duo’s most recent kindness workshop  at Captain R. Wilson Elementary School’s Grade 2 class in Oakville. 

Not only were the kids actively participating throughout the presentation and willingly sharing their own "kindness" stories, but their teacher Diana Edl was also inspired to take kindness one step further in her classroom: "I immediately created a board in my classroom that is dedicated to kindness. Each month we will focus on a different theme of how to be kind, for example in September it will be making new friends, in October it will be giving thanks, etc." The Kindness Coaches also deal with what is not kind to do or say and that can help students think about how they treat others. "We know it is hard to adapt to being in a room full other peers for most of day, and we all need guidance in respect and kindness", shares Life Coach Black. "I think character development should be a strong part of the school curriculum."


The innovative, interactive forum www.randomactsofkindness.org serves as the inspiration for the Kindness workshops/presentations the Kindness Coaches do in Ontario and they aim to launch an official Random Acts Of Kindness week next year that coincides with the American one in February. "At the end of the day, it's all about "spreading the kindness", Says Ivy.

Kindness coaches Steffi and Ivy will be returning to Captain R. Wilson on Wednesday June 6th to present to the other grade 2 classes.

To find out more about how to bring their kindness presentation into your school, please contact Steffi Black at steffiblack@gcylaw.com


Former media presenter & marketer Steffi Black is now a Life Momentum coach for individuals and businesses and Kindness Advocate for Children.  Her website is: www.steffiblackcoaching.com. Ivy Sims has a background in marketing and communications, is an active community volunteer and is also a Kindness Advocate for Children.

For media inquiries, please contact Steffi Black at:  416-780-0010 or steffiblack@gcylaw.com


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