Spreading the Kindness at a new school

Oct 11, 2013

A visit to a special place: spreading the kindness

 It was once again time to put together our tools to do our kindness workshops in a new community. Camborne Public file://localhost/School http/::camborne.kprdsb.ca is nestled in a lovely small area of Cobourg. The Principal, Andrea Hunt-Schmoll, warmly greeted us and showed us the preliminary work the school had done, including a kindness tree and a fill your bucket poster for the suggested in-class exercises.

 We were set up in the library to do 5 kindness workshops and children in Grades 1 to 5 were our wonderful audience.  It was delightful to see the enthusiasm in both the young and older kids: They all had lots to share about what is kind and even, also important to discuss in the workshops, what is not kind.

 The teachers and staff were helpful, friendly and supportive. I could tell they had shared the benefits of kindness in their classes many times before we arrived to share a video, story and exercise featuring kind words to write about a classmate.

 Both Ivy (my fellow kindness coach) and I receive more than we give in doing these workshops, either through a smile, story, or my personal favorite – a big embracing hug – I even got three at once at the end of the Grade 1 workshop!


Following our workshop, the school will work with a monthly curriculum to implement in their classrooms as studies have shown that 3 kind acts performed in a week can benefit the atmosphere of a class.


Ultimately, the day was about sharing what caring and kind acts can do in a school and it was wonderful to witness a school that seems to already embrace this notion. Hats off to Camborne ! Thanks for allowing us to ‘spread the kindness’ at your delightful school.


For more information on having a kindness workshop at your school, please contact Steffi Black or Ivy Sims at steffiblack@gcylaw.com or visit the website for more information at http://www.steffiblackcoaching.com/kindness-coaching.html


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