Oakville RAK day

Oct 31, 2013

On Friday, November 1st, the Oakville Community Foundation, along with local charitable organizations, will be involved in promoting kind acts throughout the community for RAK day in Oakville #Rakoakville


How did it all start? 3 years ago, local community charities got together to think about encouraging volunteerism and charitable donations. They also believed it is a great way for people to feel engaged and connected to their community, and it is!


If you want to implement your own random acts of kindness in your own household or neighbourhood, here are some simple ideas:


- drop off cookies at a neighbour's house

- make thank you cards for local police or fire station

- drop off 'pay it forward' cards at local schools

- buy a coffee for a stranger

- join OCF's pep rally on Friday


There is nothing complicated about taking the time to perform a thoughtful deed. It just takes a moment of reflection and a small action. But, remember, the simplest acts can often be the most powerful and create a ripple effect along the way.


This Friday, I salute OCF and my fellow Kindness Coach, Ivy Sims, is joining the organization to promote a strong community on this day and all year long! Think about joining in or doing your own random act that day.


Visit www.randomactsofkindness.org for more ideas and help 'spread a little kindness'.

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