Kindness in the classroom

Nov 12, 2013

Kindness in schools starts with the dedication of one person.


Meet Miss Zilbert, the newest Kindness Ambassador. She is a Grade 2 and 3 Math, Science and Social Studies Teacher at Leo Baeck, a parochial school in Toronto (

The Kindness Coaches had visited Leo Baeck last year to present a kindness workshop at the school and Miss Zilbert had taken it upon herself to implement a monthly schedule in her Grade 3 class this year. We discussed, in a short meeting, what important areas could be focused on like behavior in the classroom, lunchroom, and recess and by the lockers. She took our short discussion and brought it together in her own class because she believed in what ‘spreading the kindness’ could do for the kids.

 I know the load teachers have to carry with their academic curriculum and the character education that Leo Baeck also features (one of the reasons we chose the school) so I have great respect for a teacher who decided to take the initiative and create activities, including a kindness journal, which helped to emphasize the power of kindness!

 Her dedicated actions create a ripple effect – I understand the other Grade 3 Teacher – Mr. Kurlandsky - is also emphasizing ‘spreading the kindness’ in his classroom too.

 It only takes one individual to make a difference.


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