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Nov 22, 2013

Connection Corner Email update November 2013
Hello There Everyone. Thank you to those of you who filled out a recent survey for Connection Corner. The feedback will be very helpful.
As well, I will be in touch with members to ask what level you want to join at for 2014!

Let’s first share an update about CC Member Nadege Vergura.
Right before she left for maternity leave at Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Nadege was given a new job and is now Senior Marketing Manager for Domestic appliances and new sources of growth. Her portfolio includes Saeco espresso machines, the new Philips airfryer and more innovative products to come.
On a personal note, Nadege also welcomed a new baby boy named Matteo and it is wonderful to share an example of someone who works for a company that supports her child care needs and encourages her career development too! You can congratulate her at
It’s great to hear about a company who supports both the home and working life.
Congratulations also go out to Regan Sorensen, she is VP People and Culture at Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions. She has been in the role for a year now. You can reach her at
Meet Melissa Ruth Bogatie an Intuitive Healer/Intuitive Writer
Ruth has been in private practice as an energy psychotherapist and intuitive healer for over 15 years. She has provided counseling services for individuals, couples and groups. Through the years Ruth has expanded her focus to include energy medicine, Reiki and channeled readings. Her belief is that the accumulation of all of our life experiences is energetically imprinted within the cells of our body. In order for us to achieve perfect health, we need to ensure that our body, mind and “Soul” are in perfect balance. A key to achieving this balance lies in discovering the hidden cause behind whatever blockages we face. Whether Ruth is reading energy intuitively from a photograph, or conducting a session in her office, her focus is in empowering her clients to greater awareness and connection with themselves and the world around them.
A unique twist – an intuitive bio for a loved one or mentor
Ruth has expanded her intuitive practice even further to include intuitive writing as well. Some examples of her services include: bio’s for various professionals as well as tributes to a loved one highlighting all of their special qualities and accomplishments. This can be a unique and wonderful gift to give to the special people in your life.  To find out more about her services, please visit her site at or email her directly at
Member Information: Interesting Reading Material
Fall is a great time to hunker down and read a few books on change management or leadership.  Wendy Daniels has suggested It's Your Move by Marge Watters. This is a guide to career transition and job search for Canadian Managers, Professionals and Executives..  Another one is The Leadership Contract by Dr. Vince Molinaro - The author is with Knightsbridge and tackles the question of how to be a better leader.  And a good standby book about change management is Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson - simple easy read to take fear out of change.

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