Kindness in the classroom

Feb 06, 2014


Kindness coaches teaching to do unto others at Central P.S.

Feb 05, 2014


Perhaps it’s something that should come naturally, but in order to instil and remind youth about the benefits of doing things for others two people are visiting a local school to talk about selflessness.

Kindness Coaches Steffi Black and Ivy Sims will be visiting Central Public School starting today (Wednesday) and through Friday to kick off the internationally recognized Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb. 10-16) and Kindness Month.

The duo will be at the school putting on workshops for Grades K to 6 students; the coaches also will work with school staff to implement a related monthly curriculum.

“Numerous scientific studies show that acts of kindness result in significant health benefits, both physical and mental. In a recent Canadian study, results indicated that children who performed acts of kindness several times a week for four weeks were more accepting of their peers afterwards, which in turn reduces the likelihood of being bullied,” stated a Kindness Coaches press release.

In each 40-minute workshop, Black and Sims will run an activity where students are asked to choose a classmate’s name from a box and then write 2-3 kind words about them, which is in turn shared with the class.

“There are many benefits of being kind — for both the receiver and the giver — but nothing shows the positive effects of being kind more than the looks of joy on the children’s faces when they hear the nice things their classmates have to say about them,” said Black.

“At Central Public School, kindness is a core value and plays a big role in day to day interactions,” said principal Margaret Napier. “Having the Kindness Coaches come in to kick off a month of kindness fits right in with our curriculum and the importance we place on character education,” she added.

Black is an accredited life and career coach for individuals and business and founder of Connection Corner, a virtual network for women. Her website is

Ivy Sims has a background in marketing and communications. She is an advocate for the environment and is also a Kindness Advocate for Children.

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