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Feb 07, 2014




ActsofKindnessOne of the reasons the Coaches and Facilitators who are a part of our community at Authentic Leadership Global™, work with authenticity and emotional intelligence, is that we believe the following: by supporting people to “play nicer in the organizational sandbox” and realize the benefits of being kinder to each other, our work helps make the world a better place to be.

It’s that simple.

And because I value kindness not only in business,  but in all parts of life, I didn’t hesitate when Steffi Black asked me if we were “in” to supportRandom Acts of Kindness Week (February 10th-16th) - of course we were – and you can be as well!

Here’s how (4 simple things):

1.  Understand the possibilities

Why is kindness important?  There’s a great post by Kindness Coach Steffi Black, that tells us why it’s important in the work place.  And the fact that Steffi also goes into schools and teaches children about kindness shows her dedication to spreading the love in all parts of life.

You might or might not have seen this incredible video called Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang – “One Day” – watch it (again) and notice how you feel when you watch it.  When I did, I cried and experienced incredible joy as well as goose bumps and a warmth in my heart.

To me, the video’s message is as simple as it is powerful: Even the smallest act of kindness can make a difference. Just imagine the possibility of the ripple effect we can create in the world if each of us does something kind for someone else each day.

Doesn’t that just make you want to walk out of the door and do something kind for someone else?


2.  Be kind to yourself

Being kind to others will create that ripple effect AND it is just as important to learn to be kind to ourselves.

Imagine what it would be like if you talked to yourself the way you talk to your best friend?  With kindness, empathy and understanding.

People who are on their journey to be more authentic, practice self-awareness in order to become aware of their behaviours in each moment. As a results they are able to choose how to behave.  They learn very quickly that kindness begins first with self.  We each have an insidious internal critical voice that, according to my gracious coaching instructor Sarita Chawla, “keeps us on the straight and narrow to not becoming who we truly are”.

By learning to manage that inner critic for self-kindness, you will be able, more of the time, to override this unhelpful aspect of personality or ego in order to be kind to others. (Read about managing the inner critic on page 63 in my book Awaken Your Authentic Leadership). You will also begin to develop a more balanced internal perspective about yourself which allows you to be kinder to yourself.

In organizations, leaders who practice self-awareness and managing their inner critic are able to create working environments where people can be their personal best. When people are relaxed and happier, they learn more effectively and are more resilient.  Check out what the research articles on the science of kindness have to say.


2.  Be kind to others

As the video above shows, each of us can be kind to others with very little effort and great impact. I loved Steffi’s idea of doing 3 random kind acts during Random Acts of Kindness Week and then gather to share our experiences.  So I would like to invite you to join us for a RAK Get-Together next Friday on Valentines Day, at 11:30 am PT to share our love and kindness stories that we experience during this week through our own and others’ acts of kindness.

Here are some thoughts on simple how you can practice kindness during this week and beyond.


3. What can you do?  (and keep it simple so you have ease…)

Steffi made some great suggestions of practices for kindness in the workplace (these are great ideas for at home and in your community as well).

My favorites from her list are the following:

  • Taking the time to say a genuine and nice thing to a person you don’t have much contact with either by writing them a note and leaving on their desk or walking up to them and telling them
  • Baking homemade but healthy cookies/muffins and bringing them into work
  • Write a paragraph about someone who was kind to you at work and give it to them
  • Clean up a dirty area of the building


4.  Tell others about Random Acts of Kindness week Feb 10th – 16th:

Tweets for you to share on Twitter:

Support Random Acts of Kindness – Feb 10 – 16th #Kindnessatwork and thx to @Steffiblack

Get your Act together (kindness that is) as it’s Random Acts of Kindness week Feb 10 – 16th #Kindnessatwork and thx to @Steffiblack

Please use the hashtag #Kindnessatwork and copy @steffiblack when you tweet

Facebook and Linked In: Please feel free to also share your stories on our Facebook page or ourLinkedIn page. Tell us about the incredible acts of kindness you have seen others do; as well as how it felt for you when you experienced them.

Virtual Tea:  Join us Friday Feb 14th for a Webex call at 11:30 am PT/ 1:30 pm ET to have virtual tea and check in on your progress during your week of random acts of kindness.  Join us 

I hope to see you there!

Tana Heminsley

Tana is an executive and entrepreneur with a passion for building businesses and developing leaders. As the founder of Authentic Leadership Global, Inc. she supports authenticity and emotional intelligence as business differentiators for 21st century leaders. Tana is also the author of the recently published book "Awaken your Authentic Leadership - Lead with Inner Clarity and Purpose"

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