Why Kindness Can Change a School

Mar 11, 2014

Can Kindness change a school culture? 

Yes, it certainly can and it's the main reason I go into schools, along with fellow Kindness Coach Ivy Sims, to share the importance of kindness in a workshop and a monthly curriculum emphasizing 3 kind acts a month among other important activities:  http://www.steffiblackcoaching.com/kindness-coaching.html

When a student is attending class in a warm and supportive environment, then he or she feels more accepted and more inclined to enjoy learning. It's that simple and it can be that effective when emphasized as part of a school vision.

I salute Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and the work it has done to make schools kinder and in turn make life better for both teachers and students. Let's continue to 'spread the kindness' as our schools truly need it and our kids' deserve it.


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