Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video) and embracing all emotional moments

Mar 20, 2014

International Day Of Happiness

It's written about, talked about, and studied all over the world. Yes, happiness is a big buzzword these days, and a lot of people spend their lives searching for that often elusive feeling. Do I love the word “happy”? An unequivocal yes! Do I think it's great that we study positive psychology and aspire to be happy? Another resounding yes. But do we need to feel it all the time? No. It's simply not natural to always be happy, as circumstances cause other emotions to arise, and they need to be felt too.
Let me tell you, as a life and career coach, of course I believe in the importance of happiness and its place in our lives, but I also believe that darker emotions play an important role as well. Sadness, anger and loneliness have their place, and we should honour them as each plays a part in our own life experiences. Instead of fearing them when they rear their heads, we need to learn to allow them in, to do the emotional work that needs to be done, and then to let them go when it’s time.  One of my favourite poets, Rumi, spoke to these deeper feelings in his eloquent work The Guest House 
So, yes, on this International Day of Happiness, by all means celebrate happiness and look for ways to incorporate more happy moments, which are different for every person. But remember: try not to fear those other darker emotions, as they are teachers, and when acknowledged and accepted they can lead to more happy moments.
On this #happinessday, so declared by the United Nations, allow for whatever emotion you need to feel today—there is no pressure to just be happy—but if you'd like a smile and a small positive moment, take a few minutes to watch this uplifting video: : I even dare you to dance at your desk; that’s guaranteed to make your co-workers smile at least. As well, the song/video creator, multi-talented Pharrell Williams, has invited people to share their moments of joy today at
Here’s to you and whatever makes you happy today on International Day of Happiness and any day of the week!

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