A unique gift that spreads kindness

Mar 21, 2014

It’s about giving a gift that counts. The Kindness Bracelet allows the wearer to move a bead each time a kind act happens, and it’s a great reminder of taking the time to do small acts of kindness.

Created by former teacher Grade Murdock, the handmade charm bracelets were created after the tragedy at Sandy Hook where her niece lives, and she wanted to help change the focus: “A post on facebook showed a picture of Fred Rogers, of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood fame, and he was quoted as saying, “my mother taught me that in time of tragic events to always look for the helpers.”  I felt a deep desire to help change the focus from bad to good and I was convinced that counting acts of kindness would help people heal.”

Grace did some research and after playing with different material, decided to create a Kindness Bracelet to help focus on something good and lift peoples’ spirits in a time of need.

The bracelets also help make kind acts more impactful: Families can share how they move beads each time they do a kind act, and teachers can do this with students in their classes, which is especially relevant to Grace, who, has a former teacher, knows the benefits of emphasizing kindness in the classroom.

Grace hopes the bracelets make an impact internationally: “I love when people who are traveling in the US and out of the country will take a bracelet to leave with someone at their destination.  There are Kindness Bracelets in more than 13 countries and 28 states in the US.  I hope the cord wears out on every bracelet because so much kindness is being shared.”

A portion of every sale is put in a donation fund and Grace contributes to her community for people in need. She is happy to contribute to a ‘full circle of kindness’.

Please visit Etsy for a look at what she offers, including custom orders as well, so the next time you’d like to purchase a gift with impact, simply connect with Grace directly at gracemurdock@professionalgrace.com.


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