Visiting Holy Family

Mar 26, 2014

Holy Family Teaching Staff

Supporting kids and kindness

As a kindness advocate, I have had the opportunity to visit many elementary schools and today I was back at a school with heart.  Holy Family Catholic Elementary School is a warm school community that believes every child is made in the ‘image of God’ and serves almost 300 students.

Principal Josey Guerin has been involved with Oakville’s kindness activities for a few years and, right from the beginning, he was open and enthusiastic about this character trait emphasis, as was his gracious staff, including Mrs. May, who warmly greets you when you enter the building.

Near the beginning of the year, the Kindness Coaches were lucky enough to visit and kick-off a month of kindness, and the teachers were helpful ambassadors for the themed activities that included ‘filling buckets’, and writing in a kindness journal among other suggested acts. Many of the children at our visit today shared how they help out at home too, so the ‘ripple effect’ of kindness was evident.

It truly is an honor to speak to children about kindness as it comes so naturally to them and today my fellow kindness coach was parent and child advocate Susan Anderson of, who, like my regular partner, Ivy Sims, embodies that trait herself. 

I was initially concerned that the children might not have enough to say as kindness month had been quite a bit earlier in the year, well, let’s just say that I couldn’t have been more wrong. They had lots to share and were proud of their actions too! It was a short but, hopefully, impactful visit and we left the eager children with another Random Acts of Kindness video that demonstrated the power of kind acts in action:

I say a simple thank you to Holy Family and its staff and kids who know why kindness makes such a difference in our daily lives.



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